Leadership Message

Stallion Construction Group Inc.

Sohaib Shafi

(President) Stallion Construction Group Inc.
Cell: (647) 300-0147
The Stallion Construction Group has built a solid reputation for market excellence and a strong heritage of quality and innovative leadership in the construction industry. Stallion Construction Group is a recognized entity, known for its commitment to growth and delivering the absolute best.

From custom homes to working on high-rise buildings and pioneering major land development, Stallion Construction Group has the team, equipment, experience, and expertise to complete any size project on time and on budget.

Our team is comprised of professional project managers, civil engineers, estimators, and architects with an extensive knowledge of the construction industry. To maintain our highest standards of workmanship and professionalism, we equip our professionals with leading-edge training. We offer professional development workshops on various technical subjects and new technologies.

Stallion Construction Group specializes in managing multiple projects including supervision of various trades to ensure completion of complex projects. Our skilled project managers work on-site to integrate the discipline of project management into our business and your projects. They have an extensive knowledge of the construction industry and are capable of ensuring key issues of cost, time, quality and client satisfaction. Above all, they are also able to streamline the work to ensure that the project is completed on schedule and under budget with the highest form of quality.

Maaz Aslam

(Vice President) Stallion Construction Group Inc.
Cell: (647) 862-7002
Stallion Construction Group offers value-added construction services to clients, by making a commonly fulfilling relationship that invests the most elevated level of quality in construction services at competitive rates. Our team of construction project managers / engineers with capable and innovative consulting services execute each project with extreme care and planning. As a result, we accomplish repetitive and referral business openings through our coordinated client relationship management.

Built on an establishment of experience and skill in construction management, counselling and financing, Stallion Construction Group is devoted to well-exploit all its know-how, abilities, and wide range of specialized devices to reinforce projects to grow, all while meeting budget limitations. Projects attempted are free of long and costly delays, risks, and conflicts. We display a high degree of timeliness, consideration to detail and service-minded attitudes to preserve the highest levels of professionalism, honesty and reasonableness with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional partners, and customers.

In all we do, we will, as a team, always be committed to delivering inventive and professional approaches to building exceptional quality projects which meet budget and plan objectives.