Project Planning & Management

When you are pursuing a construction project, the management and planning side is almost as important as the actual construction process. Without the proper planning, you could face costly mistakes, overworked employees, and missed deadlines. Stallion Construction specializes in managing multiple projects, including supervising various trades to ensure the completion of complex projects.
Our skilled project managers work on-site to integrate the discipline of project management into our business and your projects. They have extensive knowledge of the construction industry and are capable of ensuring key issues of cost, time, quality and client satisfaction. Above all, they are also able to streamline the work to ensure that the project is completed on schedule and under budget with the highest form of quality.

Our capacity makes us ideal for a wide range of large and small-scale development projects.

Creative Development Approach

Not all construction projects are the same. Each project requires a dedicated approach that is unique to the type of building needing to be constructed and the surrounding area. When you partner with Stallion Construction, we will work with you to determine the best development approach to ensure your project is seamlessly completed from start to finish.

Diversity of Stallion Construction Team
At Stallion Construction , we have many individuals with expertise in various aspects of the project planning and management process. No matter what your construction project requires, we can assemble a team with members that will get your unique project completed on time and within your budget.
Budget Management

Outside the actual construction of the building, the most important part of any construction job is managing the budget. When you hire Stallion Construction for your budget management, you will receive a comprehensive plan that we will follow throughout the construction process.

In the first phase, we will work together with you to determine the type of building you are constructing, the materials you want to use, and the surrounding area to see if you will require excavation or demolition of a current structure.

After the design phase is complete, we will work with the architect (whether it is an architect from Stallion Construction or a third party one) to look over the scope of the project. From there, the bidding process will begin to find a company to complete the construction process. Once everything is in place for the pre-development phase, you will need to sign off on the final budget.

The next step is the longest: the actual construction phase. During the construction phase, we will keep a close eye on the timelines and the deliverables to ensure that everything is running smoothly. We will keep you posted on the progress and bring up any issues that may arise to get a quicker resolution.

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Procurement Coordination

You can rely on the team at Stallion Construction to purchase your raw materials with ease. We have connections to countless suppliers where we are able to get the best prices for the materials you need. We will also keep track of the stock for every piece of material to ensure the builders always have enough to work with on any given day. Never worry about your inventory throughout the construction process by working with an expert procurement coordinator from Stallion Construction.